Presidents Message

Since becoming involved in the water industry over 35 years ago it has been my vision and guiding principles to apply my experience and expertise to solve water problems and help clients achieve peace of mind and success.

Aquarius Technologies was founded and incorporated in May 2004. At that time I had over 20 years of experience in high purity water treatment systems and facility management manufacturing micro-electronics with Nortel Networks. With this unique experience and skillset, I had the opportunity to go forward providing independent services to high purity water users and decided to serve my local,residential community customers in rural Ottawa, Ontario.

For high purity users, new systems – I am able to ask the right questions at the outset to establish client need and interpret this into treatment and distribution system solutions. For existing systems – I can observe and troubleshoot system operation, identify issues and provide remediation solutions.

Residential customers can rely on me to identify the problems that well water can have on your plumbing fixtures, appliances, clothing and anything else it comes into contact with. I will provide you with a cost effective high quality solution to your unique water problem. I will only provide what you need, I have no sales quota to meet and be assured, you will not be oversold.

I am eager to show you how I can help improve your water quality whether, it is your home or large and small high purity systems, by providing products with better features, quality and overall value – all backed by experienced, dedicated support.
I encourage you to contact us and explore the advantages of working with Aquarius Technologies.

Dave Barham
Aquarius Technologies.