Products for High Purity Water Treatment

Aquarius Technologies can supply your equipment, parts and consumable needs.


Multi-Media, Sand And Activated Carbon Filters.

Ultraviolet Sterilizers – Disinfection, Chlorine Reduction, TOC Reduction.

Filter Vessels And Housings

Chemical Feed Pumps

Reverse Osmosis Systems – 1gpm To 1000gpm .

Twin & Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Systems – RegenerableOr Off-Site (SDI) Regeneration.

High Purity Sampling Valve/Probe – Eliminates ‘Background’ Contamination from Sample Valve

Valves – Manual, Actuated, Pressure Control.

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Aquarius Technologies can supply your requirements from our Used/Surplus Inventory Items for Saleor source from our network of equipment brokers.

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Aquarius Technologies can supply GF PIPING SYSTEMS products to meet your piping, valves, fittings,instrumentation, automation and control needs.

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Filter Media – Sand, Multi-Media, Activated Carbon, Gravel.

Cartridge Filters – Depth, Pleated Fibre, PP, PS, PVDF & PTFE 4″ To 40″ Long.

UV Lamps, Quartz Tubes, Fittings and Spares.

Ion Exchange Resins – Softeners, Organic, Mixed Bed – Rohm&Haas, Purolite, DOW.

Reverse Osmosis Membranes – Hydranautics, Filmtec,

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals – Antiscalant/Foulants, Cleaning Chemicals

Test Kits

Replacement Filter Laterals And Distributors.

Ion Exchange Bed Sampling Probes & Fittings – Custom Designed To Requirement.

Tools – RO Probes, Resin Transfer, Resin Bed Core Samplers.

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