Water Treatment Services for Residential Customers

Aquarius Technologies provides the following services to rural Ottawa home owners

  • Free water testing
  • On-site/At home evaluation
  • Service to existing systems*
  • Replacement parts and consumables

Rural well water supplies can have all manner of problems with:

  • Hardness (scale), Dissolved Calcium and Magnesium in the water causes white, hard scale to precipitate and coat heater and kettle elements, taps, shower heads and any surface that the water is allowed to dry or evaporate onto.
  •  Iron, Dissolved Iron will deposit an orange to dark brown coating on plumbing fixtures and stain laundry.
  •  Manganese, a black deposit on plumbing fixtures and stains laundry. Commonly found in combination with Iron.
  •  Tannins, yellowish to brown tint to water, caused be decaying vegetative matter in the soil. It can stain laundry or foul some treatment units.
  •  Sulphur smells,Rotten egg taste and/or odor. Hydrogen sulfide is a dissolved gas found in some water supplies. Turns copper plumbing lines black. Very corrosive.
  • Iron Bacteria, Also causes a Sulphur smell, more pronounced in hot water. Iron bacteria are a group of bacteria which thrive in iron.Noticeable as a yellow to reddish slime in toilet flush tanks and can foul plumbing lines and fixtures. These bacteria are objectionable, but not a health hazard.
  •  Any one or combination of these problems occur in both drilled deep wells and dug shallow wells. Each well is unique with its source and makeup of minerals and dissolved or suspended solids. Your well will likely be similar, But, could be different in many ways than your neighbours well depending on its type or depth.
  •  I can provide you with a solution to your unique water problem based on testing results and assessing your installation.

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